Are you a legally qualified minibus driver?

See DVLA minibus driver website.


Are you aware of the legal requirements of driving passenger-carrying vehicles and minibuses?

You may drive a minibus (9-16 passenger seats) on an ordinary car licence, providing you are over 21, have held your full licence for 2 years and are doing so on a voluntary basis (not for "hire and reward").


Are you a safe and competent driver?

Please refer to our information about Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS)




Is your minibus legal?

Are you aware of the new changes in minibus law?

Are your escorts trained in passenger transportation?


Purchasing advice

We can advise on who to contact in purchasing and building a minibus.


Group transport

We provide a group transport service for all our affiliated members to various destinations.



Do you have difficulty in planning routes within the Borough or your chosen destinations? If so, we can advise you on the logistics on multiple pick-ups and drop-offs. Contact us on 020 8942 1745 for more information.