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Richmond and Kingston Accessible Transport is always happy to welcome new volunteers. It could be the start of a richly rewarding new adventure. Why not call us on 020 8942 1746, or drop in for a cup of tea and a chat?


A volunteer writes:

"I have been a volunteer driver with Richmond and Kingston Accessible Transport for ten years. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has some spare time."



Volunteer Drivers

RaKAT have volunteers who work with community groups without volunteers from within their own groups. We are primarily a self help organisation providing transport for local community groups in the Richmond and Kingston area. The volunteers work and receive expenses only. They are all qualified to the nationally certificated MIDAS standard, and have been trained by us to operate the passenger lifts, secure wheelchairs to ensure the safety of their passengers.


Passenger Assistants (escorts)

On some of our buses a passenger assistant is provided to support users who may need personal assistance. The role of the escort can be anything from helping a client (normally elderly, frail or the disabled) around the shop with their trolley to carrying their bags to their front door after a shopping trip. It simply depends on the client needs.

At RaKAT we run a partnership project with the Hampton Hill Voluntary Care Group and together operate regular shopping buses a week. This service aims to support users who find it difficult to access public transport. The shopping bus picks up clients from their homes to the supermarket, and then returns them home.